FAM Tours

All FAMs will depart from Crowne Plaza at 12:30pm and return at 4:30pm

FAM 1 - The Mighty Mississippi: Living Large

Written about in novels and classified as one of the world’s largest and longest rivers, The Mississippi River is a marvel. See and experience the LSU Center for River Studies 10,000 square foot River Model. This model replicates the flow, water levels and sediment (sand) transport of the river, where one year of the Mississippi River is simulated in one hour. In addition, you will get to see a product that stems from the banks of the Mississippi River. Since 1859, Olivia Stewart’s family has raised sugarcane on the banks of an ancient Mississippi River oxbow. This tasting and tour will show you how at Oxbow, the rum tastes like home. Lastly, you will get to experience how artist, Henry Watson with It’s a Watson creates painted carvings from 100-year-old cypress wood.

LSU Center for River Studies | Oxbow Rum Distillery | Henry Watson



FAM 2 - A Walk with John Folse: White Oak Estate and Gardens Experience **AT CAPACITY**

World renowned Chef, John Folse will lead you on a guided tour though his estate. Sprawled out on 22 acres, his property contains a distillery, corn grits mill, quaint orchard, lake, pepper parch, vegetable and herb garden, greenhouse, and more. Wonderful aromas will tantalize you as you stroll through the grounds having bites and sips along the way.

White Oak Estate and Gardens

FAM 3 - Childlike Wonder: Playing Around in Baton Rouge

Hey Batter, Batter! It all started right here in Baton Rouge. Come see how the Marucci brand came to be and explore the Knock Knock Museum with sips and a sweet treat along the way. Next, soak in the rays and sip on a classic margarita on Barracuda Taco’s Margarita Patio. Guests will also be able to explore D’s Garden Center, a family operated plant nursery.

Marucci | Knock Knock Museum | D’s Garden Center | Barracuda Taco Stand + Margarita Patio


FAM 4 - Get Creative: Local Art Scene in Baton Rouge

We would like to think Mimosa has almost become a household name and we are not speaking of the beverage. Mimosa Handcrafted started over 10 years ago in Baton Rouge. These unique jewelry designs are inspired by landscape, culture, and the human experience in Louisiana. Meet the owner and creator of the brand while sipping on one of our favorite beverages. Plus, you will get an opportunity to peak into Red Stick Reads, a vibrant community bookstore. Next, you will get the opportunity to visit one of five Art-O-Mats in Louisiana and dispense your very own art piece while exploring contemporary artists at BRG. Lastly, discover Square 45 in Mid City with a tasting at Tap 65 and a chance to interact and shop with local artists at Mid-City Artisans.

Baton Rouge Gallery | Mimosa | Red Stick Reads | Shopette Local Vendor | Mid City Artisans | Tap 65