Member Spotlight

Q1 Tell us a little about your story. What brought you to your area?
Originally born in Baton Rouge, my family moved to St. Francisville when I was just shy of one year old and purchased the Myrtles Plantation. I spent 12 years living on the property but moved to North Carolina at 13 and spent the next decade there pursuing my motorcycle racing career. Louisiana was always home and I was eager to return, so I moved back home to get involved at the Myrtles!

Q3 What is your favorite thing about your area?
St. Francisville has a very unique feel to it. Its got all that you would expect coming to Louisiana, with the swamps and bayou's and culture, but as soon as you arrive in St. Francisville you can tell its got something different to offer than most small towns in Louisiana.

Q4 What is your dream for your community?
I hope to see St. Francisville continue to grow and develop, but I hope it stays true to its roots and never loses the unique culture and feel that it has created. Honestly, I believe it will. The people of this community are very vested in it and all want to hold on to that culture.

Q5 What would you say to someone considering a move to your area?
I would suggest they come spend a weekend in St. Francisville to experience it firsthand. It's an easy area to fall in love with and a great place to raise a family.

Q6 How did you get involved in the tourism industry?
I was born into it. From less than a year old I've been a part of the Myrtles and there's not an industry I'd rather be a part of. To see people come from all over the world and see the Myrtles and enjoy their time on the property is the most rewarding feeling there is.

Q7 What is your advice for someone looking to get involved in the tourism industry?
Dive in head first! It will be the best decision you've ever made!

Q8 What destination is at the top of your travel bucket list?
I'm dying to explore New Zealand!

Q9 What is your favorite...

Place to eat: Restaurant 1796

Place to capture the perfect Instagram pic: the dog park lol

Place to people watch: airports

Place to network: any tourism conference

Event: Rouge Roubaix bike race

Place to visit: Colorado