Shawna Suckow

How to Market & Sell in the Post-Pandemic Decade

Welcome to the most disruptive business climate we’ve ever experienced. The pandemic threw the entire world into a tailspin, but we’re emerging now and everything looks different in this new light. There’s a lot of confusion and noise out there about what the marketplace will look like as we continue to move forward. How will you shift your strategy, your tools, and your processes to meet the quickly evolving demands of this accelerated and different marketplace? How will you position yourself for the Roaring Twenties?

It all requires a keen understanding of your customers and how they’re making purchasing decisions now. Whether it’s B2B, at the local market, or e-commerce, how can you rise above the noise and stand out to them going forward? How can you influence the customer journey in the next normal?

One thing is certain: new messaging and tools are key.

Join buyer behavior expert Shawna Suckow, CSP, CVP, CMP, as she shares her latest findings on where we are, and what’s next. It’s not just data though; she’ll share case studies to give you the relevant steps you can take NOW.

• Learn how your customers have evolved as a result or the pandemic, and what businesses need to do to adapt.
• Gain up-to-the-minute insight into the best ways to connect with buyers of all kinds.
• Time is of the essence! Discover what tools are working right now to break through the noise and stand out.