"LTLA was invaluable to me. It was wonderful developing personal relationships with so many of my colleagues in the tourism industry and sharing ideas, initiatives, and perspectives."

​Christina Cooper, VP Communications, Marketing and PR
St. Tammany Parish Tourist Commission


"The Louisiana Travel Leadership Academy taught me needed tools to help me on my journey to become an effective leader. It also afforded me the opportunity to gain in-depth experiences and knowledge that elevated my passion and excitement for the tourism industry!" 

Megan Ryburn, Executive Officer
Louisiana Office of Tourism


"LTLA one of the best careers moves I have made to date! Not only enjoyable but an invaluable learning experience about tourism. We visited Monroe at the top through New Orleans at the bottom (geographically) seeing the sites learning from tourism leaders in that community. LTLA is well respected and connected throughout the entire state by those in government and the tourism industry. The classes were in unique settings that enhance the learning experience and you felt like you had a seat at the table and doors mentality and physically were being opened.  Truly grateful to be an LTLA Alumni, further enriched with knowledge on showcasing this wonderful place we call home, Louisiana!"

Rita Perrilloux
Owner, Historic Riverlands Tour


"They say variety is the spice of life. The same holds true for the LTLA program. We visited various locations in Louisiana while learning how our diversity can be our greatest strength. One of my favorite aspects of the class was the diversity. Diversity not only in programming, but in the makeup of the class. The students were all different ages, from different areas of the state, and played different roles in their respective businesses. We were challenged to step outside our comfort zones and learn from each other to become more well-rounded employees.   I personally gained many new, great friends who I treasure dearly.  After working 17 years in the industry, this program opened my eyes and rejuvenated my love for all things Tangipahoa and Louisiana Tourism! "

Emily McKneely Matise, Director of Sales
Tangi Tourism