Councils & Committees

Open Councils  

Be a spokesperson for your area, network with fellow members and help guide the direction of your association. Membership in these councils is open to the general LTA membership.

  • Advocacy: Be proactive in the legislative process by working with LTA staff and other tourism leaders to establish 4-5 legislative priorities before the session. Help monitor legislation and get more members involved in grassroots advocacy efforts. Committee members will be asked to attend 2-3 conference calls per year.
    • Chairperson: Marion Fox
    • Staff Liason: Laura Cating
  • Development: Serve as an ambassador of LTA helping to recruit new members, suggest educational opportunities, solicit sponsorships, engage potential corporate members, create networking opportunities for specific membership sects and connect young professionals with the association. Committee members will be asked to attend 2-3 conference calls per year.  
    • Chairperson: Alana Cooper
    • Staff Liason: Laine Garner

Standing Committees

Members of the Louisiana Travel Association’s standing committees are appointed by the chair and approved by the board of directors. These committees help direct staff activities.

  • Executive: The Executive Committee provides oversight to the President & CEO and directs the activities of the full board of directors. The committee is nominated each year and voted on by the full membership during the association’s Annual Meeting. This committee meets in person five times a year, prior to each meeting of the full board. Takes action between board meetings on behalf of the organization.
    • Chairperson: Ben Berthelot
    • Staff Liason: Jill Kidder
  • Finance: Led by the Treasurer, the Finance Committee oversees the preparation of the annual budget and the performance of the association in meeting its budgeted revenues and expenses. This committee meets via conference call five times a year, prior to each meeting of the full board. The Executive Committee is invited to each Finance call.
    • Chairperson: Kyle Edmiston
    • Staff Liason: Jill Kidder
  • Governance: Led by the past board chairman, the Governance Committee is responsible for managing the duties of the board, including the implementation of new board policy, bylaw changes and board nomination. This committee meets as needed.
    • Chairperson: Janice Delerno Verges
    • Staff Liason: Jill Kidder
  • Marketing: The Marketing Committee assists in reviewing proposals and compiling final recommendations to the full board for the annual LTA Marketing Plan. This committee meets at least once a year.
    • Chairperson: Jeremy Cooker
    • Staff Liason: Josie Evans
  • Summit: Led by the conference host, the Summit Committee assists staff with planning of the annual Louisiana Travel Summit. This committee meets three times a year, typically via conference call.
    • Chairperson: Kyle Edmiston
    • Staff Liason: Laura Cating

Ad Hoc Committees

These committees are created and appointed by the Executive Committee on an as-needed basis. When the work of an ad hoc committee is completed, the committee is dissolved. Current:

  • Strategic Planning: This committee was created to work closely with an outside contractor and the LTA staff to develop a clear vision for the association's next steps.
    • Chairperson: Mark Romig
    • Staff Liason: Jill Kidder

Other examples include:

  • LTLA: Ad hoc committee created in 2014 to create a year-long educational program for emerging leaders in the tourism industry. The committee was dissolved at the end of 2014 as the Louisiana Tourism Leadership Academy was launched.
  • Branding: Ad hoc committee created in 2017 to guide the name change efforts and brand development for the new Louisiana Travel Association. The committee was dissolved in the fall of 2018 as the brand was successfully launched.