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Overview of Louisiana Tourism Industry
Tourism is big business in Louisiana. In fact, more than 26 million people visited the state in 2012 and spent $10.7 billion. Increased visitor spending supports all businesses in a local economy, not just tourism establishments. Tourism also creates jobs that are rarely outsourced or relocated to other states. One out of every ten Louisianans is employed by the tourism industry. And, of course, tourism fosters the preservation of local cultures and tradition, reaffirming a sense of community identity and pride. 

Tourism Acronyms
There is an alphabet soup of acronyms in this business! To help familiarize yourself with all of them, download this handy reminder list.

Tourism Definitions
The Louisiana tourism industry has some terminology that is unlike any other industry. For a brief overview of many of these terms, download this list of definitions.

What are the big meetings I should attend?
The Louisiana Travel Summit is the largest annual gathering of the state’s travel industry. The conference features educational seminars, networking opportunities, engaging speakers and worthwhile workshops. It takes place each August and is held at a variety of locations throughout the state. For more information about the next Summit, click here.

Tourism Certifications

  • American Hotel & Lodging Association - AHLA
  • Destination Marketing Association International - DMAI
  • Southeast Tourism Society - STS