Visitor Center Distribution

Our Visitor Center Distribution program is the easiest way to get your brochure in the hands of visitors who enter the state in a variety of ways and through various entry points. LTA distributes our member’s brochure to 55 LTA-certified centers, including all state Welcome Centers.

Two distribution options are available:

One-time distribution

  • Distribute 5,000 brochures at one time to all centers
  • Especially useful for seasonal events and promotions, such as Christmas, Mardi Gras and festivals
  • $350

Annual distribution

  • Distribute up to 10,000 brochures to all centers, throughout the year
  • As a center runs out of the brochure, they are able to request more from us
  • Cost varies based on the size of the brochure
  • One panel rack card - $575
  • 2-3 panel brochure - $625
  • Multi-page brochure - $725
  • Digest size - $850

Brochures should be received in the warehouse by the 25th of the month prior to the month you wish to have them distributed.

Please download the VCD contract.

Digital Visitor Center

  • An enhancement to our Visitor Center Distribution program that allows users instant access to your brochures digitally online for download from our website.
  • LTA provides 3 download reports each year
  • Cost varies based on participation
    • Current distribution participants:
      • Add Digital program - $295
    • New participants:
      • Annual Welcome Center Distribution program + Digital program - $895
    • Digital program only - $695

For more information, contact Charlie Waltman.